venerdì 8 febbraio 2013

Morning music

Oh, to have the pleasure of the gentle breeze
To run my fingers through your hair
Like the wind through the leaves

I loved to love and you learned to play
But we both know it's all the same in the end
In the end anyway

I lost my best songs in my sleep
When I was thinking I can't wait
To wake up next to you

'cause I am cheap and you are weak
'cause I am cheap and you are weak

I know a place
Where your eyes feel like grace on my skin
And the church bells delight in the taking of our night
And shining the light on our hands
Like nervous laughter
Like nervous laughter

I hope you understand that I had to know
After this beautiful night I'll have to let you go

This is mourning music
Wake up
Wake up
Wake up
Wake up

Performed by Rose Kemp

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